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"Still I Rise" is one of the most renowned Poems by the black
fighter,Maya Angelou contained in the third volume of poetry " And
Still I Rise", published by Random House in 1978.

Image of the Poetess:

Maya Angelou is an American Poet & author,who stood strongly for the
upliftment of Blacks.She had to go through many severe struggles in
her life for being a black citizen.But,she backed up herself & faced
all the problems with courage & claimed a great hand for the freedom
of Blacks,fighting against racism,sexism & other evils.

Maya starts her poem,stating the White supremacy at its extreme,tried
to demolish Blacks by mass propaganda.She reminds them,the valuable
contribution of Blacks in the tradition & prosperity of America.She
reports her protest against spreading the bitter,twisted lies as
Whites do by misrepresenting Blacks as savages,corrupted &
intolerant.Whatever they do,Maya echoes," But still,like dust,I'll
rise." She claims Blacks as the ones who refuse to be bowed down &
this upsets the White.
" Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I'll rise."

This second stanza attracts me a lot since it contains the assurance
of an upliftment of an oppressed society.The Black is rising with
promises & hopes through their own unique cultural identity,which
makes the Whites unstable.
Maya quotes a historic element of shameful slavery in the last stanza
& also speaks about the 250 years of unrequited toil of Blacks which
forms the base of America,as per Abraham Lincoln.The Poetess feels
proud of her black tradition of music & folklore & repeats the word
'Rise' a number of times,giving birth to the empowerment of them.

Maya showed the World how to cope with miseries & she can be called to
be one of the bravest Women in the World.
I liked the poem very much.

- Y a s i r


  1. "which makes the Whites unstable"? Seriously dude, you are missing the point somewhat. The very point of the poem is to speak out against oppression and racism. Clearly you are racist in your opinion. Now pull yourself out of your loser mentality of self-pity and inferiority complex and think like a winner! Seriously dude........

    1. Dear friend,
      I'm personally against the division of human beings by complexion...I'm pointing out what Maya tells in the the poem well & this review as well...hope u understood...